10 Themes That Will Inspire Your Next Fundraiser
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A fundraiser is a great way of sharing and caring for your community. Helping your communities by raising money is just as fulfilling as planning the entire event. Whatever inspires you to plan or support a fundraiser, it’s nice to switch up the style for better engagement. To get the ball rolling, here’s a list of 10 themes that will help you plan a fundraiser and have fun while at it. 


Food is a multicultural social glue that binds communities together. Masterchef fundraisers are perfect for supporting an upcoming local restaurant or any other cause. Gather all your foodie friends and family to participate with an entry fee. It could be a food fest too if the nearby food joints sponsor and let teams participate in cook-offs based on their popular menu items. 

Musical Fundraiser

Benefit concerts are a great crowd puller. Whether you live in a small town or a huge cultural hub, a musical evening coupled with food and booze will guarantee a heavy footfall. Also, you never know which record label might turn up scouting for raw talent. Invite your local bands to rock out those riffs while the other participants have a go at the karaoke section. Keep the fundraiser open to a wide spectrum of genres. 

Casino Royale 

A bit of a posh affair, a black-tie affair themed around the British spy requires a lot of effort. With precise planning, a Casino Royale fundraiser offers dozens of ways to raise funds including poker tournaments, individual sponsorships, corporate sponsorships, and ticket sales. Keep these events high priced to keep the guest list exclusive and attract a wealthy roster. 

Movie Night 

With different genres to choose from, you can alternate your movie screenings based on the demography. All you need is a comfy location, inflatable movie screen, film rentals, and projection equipment. Setting up a private movie screening at a theatre that serves food and beverages also works wonders. Make sure you use Yapsody’s ticketing platform to streamline the process and get a FLAT 50% rebate

Trivia Night 

This one works well with smaller groups as a monthly affair. Hosting a trivia night for the history and sci-fi aficionados at your local pub or a pizza joint won’t pinch you financially as an event manager. A fundraiser like these harbors community building and brings a lot of business for the pub or restaurant which they can contribute to your cause as well. A win-win. Take our quiz if you’re a whizz-kid. 

Book Sale 

Another fundraiser that strikes a chord with the intellectuals and doesn’t demand strong finances. This fundraiser should bring together those who are cleaning out their bookshelves with those who like to read for a bargain price. Connect with your local authors, coffee shops, schools, and colleges to collaborate on the fundraiser. A book reading and signing should do the trick. 

Get Artsy 

Not every artist gets visibility for their work which is why these fundraisers work in their favor. Have an art opening where people buy a ticket to attend an auction of different art pieces. To make it more engaging, allow participants to try their hand at painting, pottery, calligraphy and so on. 

Go Green 

The need of the hour is saving our planet. A fundraiser in the form of a flea market that sells plants, organic and solar-energy products, seeds, and re-usable shopping bags are in demand. The proceeds should be directed towards planting more trees in environmentally sensitive areas. 

Gamers Unite 

You can start a general fundraiser or rally your fellow gaming brethren to launch a support campaign through an annual competition where a portion of their winnings is given away for charity. Approach gamers, YouTubers, and techies for these events for marketing it. 

Junk Donation Fundraiser

An old school trick that is relevant right now. Gather a group of volunteers that have the time and tact to go from door to door and round up unused junk like scrap metal, newspapers, and plastics. Bringing them to the recyclers will get a few extra bucks and make the community clutter-free. 

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