Placing Seats On Hold For A General Admission Event

General Admission events are where tickets are sold online in an ‘Open For All’ manner of event entry. It creates a sense of urgency and the best seats in the house go on a first come first serve basis. Through our event ticketing system, you have an option to hold certain seats for the General Admission event. These seats can be booked by you from Box Office Interface.

Steps To Place Seats On Hold For A General Admission Event

1. Select Your Event

Select the event for which you want to hold seats. You will find the event information on the right-hand side. Select the ‘Edit’ option.


You will find different tabs like Event Info, Pricing, Hold Management, etc. Select the option Hold Management.


2. Add Holds

You will be displayed the performance dates, total ticket capacity, issued tickets, unissued tickets and number of tickets held for the performance. Here you can add multiple hold categories to place seats on for general admission events. 


Hold categories will help you determine the reason for holding the particular seat. Select the option ‘Add Hold’ to add Hold category.

3. Add Hold Name

You will get a pop-up window to enter Hold Name and to select the code for the Hold. Enter the Hold name and code and click on ‘Save’.


You will find the different hold categories added by you. Enter the number of seats you wish to place on hold for each category and click on ‘Save and Proceed’. Those seats will now be placed on hold.


You can only book the Hold seats from Box-Office Interface where you will find the categories while booking tickets.

Learn more about placing seats on hold for a reserved seating event.

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