Integrating Stripe For Accepting Payments

As an event presenter on Yapsody, you have the option to collect your ticket revenue through multiple payment gateways specific to your country Following these steps will help you locate your Stripe Payment Gateway credentials which will be used to enable online Credit/Debit card sales for your tickets online on your Yapsody Online interface.

Steps to Integrate Your Stripe Account

1. Visit The Stripe Store

Visit their site – and log in to your account.

Stripe Login

On your dashboard, click on the ‘Developers’ option shown on the left side of the page. Then click on ‘ API ‘ from the multiple options displayed to view your Live API credentials.

Test API

You will need the Live Secret Key and Live Publishable key to integrate your Stripe account and enable online credit card transactions. 

2. Set Up Stripe Descriptor

Stripe provides you an option to customize the text that appears on your ticket buyer’s credit card statement displaying the charge post-transaction. To customize that text, edit the statement descriptor in your Stripe account settings at Business Settings -> Business -> Public Information -> Statement descriptor.

Stripe Descriptor

Yapsody as a default sends dynamic descriptors based on the event title so that each transaction can be identified based on the event. Users can enable or disable this feature for the Stripe payment gateway configuration.

Dynamic Descriptor

With dynamic descriptor enabled, the statement descriptor for your ticket buyers would show the event name of purchased tickets.


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