Roundtable - Wotton Fireworks Display - Case study - Yapsody


Founded by a group of gentlemen, Round Table is an organization which gives back to the local community through fun, friendship and fundraising. Running a fireworks evening is their main fundraising event held each year through Wotton Fireworks Display.


  • Founded in 1969 by a group of gentlemen, Round Table is a family of organizations that gives back to the local community through fun, friendship, and fundraising.
  • Round Table is truly an international organization with over 35,000 members in 60 different countries. 
  • They’ve raised over £400,000 from running firework displays for their communities in 2018.
  • From the beer festivals, firework events and Santa Sleighs, to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and 10k fun runs, Round Table clubs raise a whopping £3.3 million a year!
  • With 400 Tables in Great Britain and Ireland, they ensure their community weeknights to be as good as the weekends.
  • Made up of men aged 18 – 45 from the local area, they’ve also supported the Bluecoat School May Fair, the Medieval Fayre and we were once again at the Nibley Music Festival.
  • Money raised from their events is used to support local causes, people, schools and charities.


PLAN: Gold Tier

“We’ve used three different ways to sell tickets for our charity firework night. In the past, just offline and on-the-gate sales. A mixture of offline and online. This year, because we could pre-print tickets for offline sales, Yapsody enabled us to track all our offline and online sales in one place.

In the past, we had no way to see if everyone had arrived on site. Our offline tickets couldn’t be tracked. It was great to be able to know when everyone had arrived on site. Selling tickets before the event massively helps us with our costs. Another great benefit is being able to use either Yapsody’s mobile apps or a simple QR reading app to check people in.”

– Phil Stollery, Wotton-under-Edge & District Round Table 974


Yapsody was instrumental in migrating Wotton Fireworks Display into a stand-alone online and offline ticketing platform. The Wotton team was also able to assign different types of discounts through multiple ticket types for both their online and offline ticketing.  

Through a host of Enterprise-Grade features such as Pricing For Non-Profits, Online Ticket Store, Virtual Box Office, and Yapsody Reports, they were able to sell out their venues and offset a majority of their logistical expenses. 

Read more about their journey with Yapsody in this case study.