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We built a cutting-edge event ticketing system to support our own major concert events and then rolled it out to presenters worldwide at an amazing price.

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QR Code Ticket Scanner

A major challenge faced by many event companies is fraudulent/ duplicate tickets. Yapsody’s enhanced real-time QR Code scanning system efficiently identifies fake tickets, keeps the scalpers away and allows presenters to improve the attendee experience.


QR Code ticket scanners when used at multiple entry points, verifies QR Codes instantly and notifies you on your Yapsody account, ensuring every ticket is validated.

How the QR Code Ticket Scanner works

Once the attendee has booked the event, an email confirming the order is sent to them. The email consists of an E-ticket with a unique QR Code that contains information regarding the customer details, the ticket purchased and QR Code ID.


Attendees have an option to either print the ticket or to show the email receipt they received on their phone at the time of booking the event.

Ticket Scanning Process

What really happens when a ticket is scanned? The information from the QR Code is verified by sending it to the Yapsody account, ensuring the tickets are validated instantly.


Yapsody’s online event ticketing system offers its presenters a unique custom-designed app called “YapScan” specifically used to scan tickets. Features like photo scanning, laser scanning for quick entry and search-by-attendee-name and ticket number make the venue loading experience smooth and hassle-free.

Scanning Devices

Mobile QR code scanner

We’ve created “YapScan“, an app specifically designed to scan tickets easily through your Android or iOS (iPhone / iPod Touch) device.

YapScan offers 4 options to validate your attendees.

  •       Laser scanning technology for quick entry with a compatible laser attachment
  •       Photo scanning using the built-in camera
  •       Search by attendee name
  •       Search by ticket number
External iOS Scanner

With Yapsody, you can scan tickets using External iOS QR Code Scanners. All you need to do is connect the external device via Bluetooth to your iOS device and that’s about it.
Yapsody also supports the following external accessories for ticket scanning to give our presenters the flexibility to scan their customer’s tickets for Yapsody’s Yapscan App for iOS.

1) Honeywell Captuvo Enterprise Sled

  • SL22 (For iPod – 4th and 5th Generation)
  • SL42 (For iPhone5 or higher)

2) Socket Mobile Wireless QR Code Scanners

  • 7Xi 2D Scanner
  • 7Qi 2D Scanner  

Note that the external scanner is under keyboard mode by default and needs to be set up in iOS mode.

External USB scanner
Yapsody allows you to scan your tickets with an External USB Laser Scanner. Your scanner should support 2D (QR Code) QR code symbology. To scan a ticket, simply hold the scanner at an appropriate distance from the target, pull the trigger, and center the laser on the symbol.


Manual scanning
Should you ever need an alternative to scan tickets, whether it be due to non-availability of an external device or a breakdown, we always have a solution for you! With Yapsody’s contingency planning, scan tickets from your box office interface so your ‘technical problem’ won’t leave your attendees stranded. Know More

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